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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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The tensions between Miller's Holmes and Liu's Watson gave a slightly sour taste to the pilot. Unless "bland" more or less means that the Miller Holmes wasn't entertainingly kick-ass (too flawed in ordinary human ways, as opposed to the ludicrous BBC version,) the pilot wasn't bland. Or does "bland" mean lacking in scenes were the Hero delivers a devastating one-liner while the punching bags obligingly remain mute? Or worse, is the "bland" the same kind of difference as between a Honda and a BMW, which is to say, snob value?
Miller's Holmes is a little dull, a little, um, non mercurial, compared to Cumberbatch or even the original in the books.

I like Miller, really liked his show Eli Stone, but this is a little... it's the show I'll watch when I have nothing better to do.
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