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Re: Enterprise-D vs. Voyager (extenuating circumstances)

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But how long does it take to build a starship? The Intrepid class entered service in 2370, with the Dominion war taking place from 2373.
Actually, star-ship build times would have to be small if you take into account the premise of using automation for construction (humans/humanoids slow the construction process down considerably, therefore, this kind of process wouldn't allow for humanoid interference - only perhaps at the drawing boards).

The only reason we only saw the Bellerophon in Ds9 was because the producers didn't want to 'confuse' the audiences (the same reason the Enterprise-E was never shown, even though that by the time FC rolled out, DS9 would have been in its 4th season - before the Dominion war).
On that same subject... we have seen in TNG both the Ambassador and Constellation classes being used for blockade of the Romulan Neutral Zone. Why hadn't we seen them during the Dominion war whereas the dingy Miranda's apparently made it along with the Excelsiors?

As the "Flagship of the Federation," the Enterprise would of had access to all the newest upgrades in sensors, phaser emitters, torpedoes, computers, etc.

Look at the battle between the Defiant and the Lakota. The newest, most heavily armed for it size warship in Starfleet verses an aging Excelsior Class cruiser, but with it's resent upgrades the Lakota held it own.
So what if the Enterprise would have access to all the newest upgrades?
If SF designed the Intrepid class to be a downsized Galaxy class, they would probably keep it's combat capabilities on the same level.

As for the Lakota vs the Defiant - yes, an ageing Excelsior class was upgraded to match the Defiant... but that doesn't mean same type of upgrades would be available for the Galaxy class (which basically received an upgrade to its warp core and warp speed by Season 7 of TNG - modifications to the phasers and torpedoes were also done largely to accomodate anti-Borg systems, but those would already be a part of the Intrepid class starships, and Voyager was equipped with Type 6 photon torpedoes which at the time were praised to be 'newest').

It kind of does. A larger ship to begin with has a larger warp core. By necessity just to move it - more powerful impulse engines (additional power production). More numerous auxiliary power units. And all these thing can be spread farther apart, making collateral damage less likely.
Actually, just because you have a necessity for a larger energy source to power bigger engines, doesn't mean firepower will also be equally large - it simply means you have that much bigger power demand for the engines to move a large ship which requires more power than a smaller one to achieve the same goal.
Spreading apart auxiliary power units doesn't really mean squat since we hadn't seen Federation ships employing such methods on their ships.

While the Enterprise is a larger target, much of the Enterprise's internal volume is non-combat critical. A lesser percent of the Voyager could be described the same.
Your point being?
Precision targeting pretty much negates these kinds of things and the last time I checked, both ships can be equally vulnerable on seemingly 'non-critical' parts.

The phaser emitters (the "strips") on the Enterprise have over twice the width of Voyagers. Suggesting greater energy output.
Phaser strips width were never stated to have anything to do with energy output.
Phaser Type on the other hand is a different story, and we know from the show creators Voyager WAS created to feature Type X just like the Galaxy class.

the guy from the 20th century said that the Enterprise wasn't as efficient run as a luxury cruise ship he was once aboard.

He never at any point compared it to a naval ship.
Picard's exact line: 'He's comparing the Enterprise to a cruise ship?'
Naval: Of or relating to ships or shipping

And remember, prior to battle (or during) the Enterprise can jettison it saucer section, Voyager can not dispense with a portion of it bulk.
Accurate, but Intrepids don't have the ability to separate (unless you count the latest non-canon novel in which they gained that ability) the Enterprise-D rarely employed its separation tactic and we don't know that when separated, the battle section would be more powerful than the Intrepid or basically gains the ability to maneuver a bit more while moving its civilian population to safety (which the Intrepids wouldn't really have in the first place, and they are already highly maneuverable).
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