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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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It's not something I expect from them, but it would be nice if the pre-New52 universe would still be part of the Multiverse. If they'd have an "Earth 2"-like book in that universe, I would buy it.
I like quite a bit of the new 52, but I'd buy a book like this, too.
This is where I don't think that Didio appreciated what he was copying. When the Silver Age replaced the Golden Age, we were given Earth 2 as a way for the Golden Age characters to still have their place. Earth 2 was presented as a series of guest appearances, special events, back-ups, and even eventually a stand alone title or two. Earth 2 was not the star; it did not overwhelm the new direction; but it was still there for people who liked it. This approach even allowed for growth that would have otherwise never happened (I.e. the death of Batman, the marriage of Superman, etc).

The way Didio has handled the post Crisis DCU is really a spit in the face to people who liked it. Didio did not learn from the success of the original Earth 2 concept in bridging readers; to be frank, I'm not sure he even understands what Julie Schwartz and Gardner Fox were doing when they created Earth 2.

The post Crisis DCU should have been allowed to step to the background as the new "Earth 2"; they would no longer be the star, but it would be a treat when we got a glimpse back there every once in awhile.
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