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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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First, the show wouldn't be much like any of those other shows you mention if you took the names away. It's kind of bewildering that you could think so.
Bewildering for you perhaps, but not for me. It's the current vogue in procedural. Some do it better than others. The quirky flawed helper of the police. Monk, for example.

Sure, the tone might be different than the ones I suggested... but the shape of them, pretty much the same. Cops needing to turn to a deeply flawed individual who can see and deduce circles around them, with demeaning quips. Rise and repeat. Though some do do it better than others. Here... with unengaging leads...

Second, they weren't aiming at "chemistry" between the two leads, they were aiming at mutual respect and need.
That's a form of chemistry. Not ALL on screen chemistry has to lead to romance. Look at Ryan and Esposito on Castle. Those two actors have GREAT chemistry together. They are a BLAST to watch.

It's quite obvious that this was not a safe goal or approach, given the assumption here that the leads need to have "chemistry." It remains to be seen if this approach will actually be successful.
If you mean they aren't playing it "safe" by having a male and female costars without a romantic intent... sure. But really is that doing something different nowadays?

Chemistry is just about something happening... ANYTHING... between two actors that elevates it from two actors just acting to something special.

EDITED TO ADD: Maybe in time for the premiere, they added the 2nd series of Sherlock to netflix streaming... #winning
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