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Re: will star trek ever return to prime universe?

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I honestly can't think of a single movie or tv franchise that reverted back to a previous continuity after being rebooted.
I think the biggest one that strikes me would be Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. They ignored the third movie completely. But the fourth movie continued from the third despite the TV show. Yeah, Terminator is definitely not as big of a continuity as Trek, but it's at least a decent example. There are other examples in movies where a new direction was forgotten.
Hmm. Interesting example. Although I think that's more a case of a franchise spliting off into two separate continuities rather than backtracking, since the TV show and Salvation were developed more or less around the same time.

(I remember being told, when I wrote my Terminator: Salvation novel, to ignore the TV show since that was a separate continuity.)

I'll be curious to see where the Terminator series goes next, especially since rewriting timelines and continuity is pretty much built into the concept's DNA . . . .
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