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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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^^^Generic? Generic means no-name, just the general product. Sherlock Holmes is pretty much the name in mysteries. Also an Asian female Watson isn't a safe approach. What you're saying makes no sense. Either you are wrong or you are using buzzwords instead of saying what you really mean.
It makes a lot of sense. If you took away the name Holmes and Watson, this show would be a lot like a lot of other shows... the consulting detective (Castle, The Mentalist, The Show With The Guy From Will And Grace.)

It was a bland, safe hour of TV.

And personally, I thought there was zero chemistry between the two leads. How much chemistry can there be between a Brit and a piece of wood?
First, the show wouldn't be much like any of those other shows you mention if you took the names away. It's kind of bewildering that you could think so.

Second, they weren't aiming at "chemistry" between the two leads, they were aiming at mutual respect and need. It's quite obvious that this was not a safe goal or approach, given the assumption here that the leads need to have "chemistry." It remains to be seen if this approach will actually be successful.
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