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Re: Was Amy's "present" always the future?

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The problem is that it could not have been 1996 when the Doctor crashes. When the TARDIS is flying over London the Millennium Dome and London Eye are clearly visible. The Eye was completed in 1999 and the Dome in 2000.
You mean when the Doctor is hanging from the TARDIS? Yes, that took place in the present of "The End of Time, Part Two." But when the TARDIS crash lands it's 1996. There was some time travel in between.
Yeah, the weight of the evidence is definitely in favor of a 2010 date for Amy's original home time. Remember also that Amy and Rory travel by conventional means to be at the Doctor's death in 2011 in "The Impossible Astronaut." We see both dates on screen multiple times, which I think trumps the implications of the opening of "The Eleventh Hour" (though I agree that that implication is there).
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