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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

I didn't read the thread yet but I just saw it. I really liked it for most of the length but I hated the following:

- Having the TK thing play an important part at the end was cheesy. I liked the TK's being a futuristic detail unique to this film and little more.

- My main gripe was the Omen-meets-Xavier child at the end. Once he became important the film started to fall apart.

- Also I don't mind edgy movies, especially sci fi films, I still think it's tasteless to have small children be targets for murder.

- Gordon-Levitt overall sounded and looked more like Willis as it went on, but I still think that he didn't look enough like him. He's not much younger than Willis was in Die Hard, so you can see the problem I had.

- The main problem with that is that Gordon-Levitt is 130 lbs soaking wet, whereas Willis has a stocky brutish frame. Which leads me to...

- Emily Blunt looked stronger physically than Gordon-Levitt any time they were on the screen together. Particularly during the sex scene.. she had muscles and he did not. Also very noticeable in the scene where she is chopping wood and he is standing behind her.. the scene seemed to exist for the sole purpose of accentuating how much stronger she is than he is. His girlfriend earlier in the film also looked stronger. It really threw me off.
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