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Re: TNG episodes that would've been interesting to see on TOS

Setting the hotel in The Royale as being in New Orleans pre-civil war might have worked nicely.

Kirk's personality would have been perfect for Starship Mine. But no saddle please.

Skin of Evil would have fit, good and evil. They could have inserted Yeoman Rand into the Tasha Yar role. Maybe around the time she left the show anyway.

The Arsenal Of Freedom as a commentary on the sixies arms race and the cold war. Probably have worked better in the sixies.

Anything featuring the holodeck would pretty much have to be out. Data heavy episodes out too. Children on the Enterprise gone too. Please no Q stories. All the Worf stories, unless rewritten extensively.

Remember Me, with McCoy in the lead, but no input by Wesley or the Traveler.

Ensign Ro almost word for word. No reason not to introduce a species somewhat like the Cardassians, with less make-up. Your basic space Nazi's.

it's difficult to see them doing The Outcast.

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