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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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Clearly not

Since when did people start getting possessive of "Doctor Who" being only for the British?

Are you saying expansion of the show's audience to an emerging market is bad?

I just met about 7 or 8 Doctor Who fans at my local community college here in Iowa. When we have free time we watch the latest episodes.

A "Doctor Who" club was just approved by some students.
I'm sorry. I am not a New Yorker, and even though I was aware it was Central Park, I just got that from "New York" and "Park". The shot where they are sitting on a rock? Thats the easiest composite ever. The shot where the Doctor sits down? I don't remember seeing that in the episode, although I guess it takes place after Rory is first taken? It certainly never happened at the end.

Doctor Who has done this before though - why the fuck did they send an entire London bus to Dubai when every single shot of it was simply on a nondescript sand dune with a CG backdrop ANYWAY. The only times filming abroad seemed valid was last year in Utah and the Western Episode this year. At least in those locations the production value appeared on screen and was believable.
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