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Well I'm a little late here (three times I recorded the episode and it didn't take on the Skybox for whatever reason, fourth time is the charm) but I really liked this premiere episode. Granted I went in with low expectations - last time I saw a show that blended a mindscrewy SF premise with a cop show, it was Awake.

And while Awake's cop show was a painfully generic procedural, Continuum setting up its targets as high tech super-criminals with an anti-corporate agenda gives a lot more potential weight to this plotline.

It's as subtle as a brick, and its stylishness is a bit too self-indulgently showy for its own good (the criminals striding slowly into view as conveinent pigeons fly away was a bit on the nose), but definitely a strong start.

Random thoughts: The one bit of tech that didn't seem at all plausible to me - from a design standpoint - was the gun Nichols was carrying. Why does it unfold like that? Why is that a better way to build a gun than now? I can roll with the rest of the cyberpunky technology and the input memory is a nice touch, but an unfolding gun seems to exist for the same reason flying cars exist in sci-fi: Something so utterly impractical that it immediately signals that we must be in the future.
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