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Re: why was ensign kim not promoted at all in 7 years?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
the Asian thing was about being not being asked to direct an episode.

The return from everyone else involved is that he was just waiting to be asked, meanwhile the rest of the cast who were offered directing jobs stayed late, went above the call, got involved, tried to prove that they cared beyond their paycheck.
Yep. The actors were expected to go to "director's school" if they were to win a directing stint, ie. organise to shadow an experienced director for the entire length of that episode's prep, shooting and editing. Wang never got around to doing that, so was continually overlooked.

As for the character's non-promotion, I think it became a game for the writers. The more he asked, the more they resisted. Similarly, Jake in DS9 got the episode of his life ("Nor the Battle to the Strong"), with action and emotional scenes that had him exhausted... to kinda teach him a lesson for saying he never had enough to do - ie. the episode marked the day the actor became "of age" and no longer had to have union-enforced juvenile-actor breaks for tutoring.
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