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Problem I had with "By Any Other Name"

For the most part, it's an interesting show, with an impressive adversary in the Kelvin. We get some fun moments, like Scotty getting the one Kelvin drunk with his "green" booze. My problem was the this:

After they've been defeated, we go to a peaceful, Roddenberry-ish solution, with Kirk talking about them becoming friends.

Problem is they murdered a pretty young yeoman at the start of the episode, so I didn't particularly want a peaceful solution. Yes, the Horta and the Gorn killed people too, but they were acting in some form of self-preservation. The Kelvin leader reduced people to cubes and crushed them just to make a point. As it actually played out, It's hard to want anything to do with them after that.

If they'd ommitted that part, the episode would've been a lot lighter, (something along the lines of "I, Mudd") even if they Kelvins had threatened or even attempted to kill people, but didn't. Instead, it's hard to not want Kirk to respond in kind.

That was just my point.
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