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Re: Things found in your kitchen.

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I'll start this with my lemon-squeesers:

Up until I was forty I'd always just used the hand and fork method when needing lemon juice. I then inherited a pressed uranium-glass lemon squeeser (and a couple of lemon vedge-squeesers which I've never used) and recently I bought a pair of cheap plastic lemon squeeser-thongs (which I rarely use; I rarely need so much juice that I can't just use the glass-one).

[ IMG][/ IMG]
We have a juicer like the glass one in your picture, a hand-held one similar to this, and also an electric one for large-scale juicing tasks. No tongs, though.

trekkiedane wrote: View Post
How about you? Do you have an apple-peeler
Yep, exactly like the one in your picture

a cherry de-stoner,
Don't think so
a garlic-peeler
presses, but no peeler
a mandolin,
yes, but not nearly so nice as the one in Timby's picture
corn cub peeler/holders,
I think we have some holders, but no peeler
there's one somewhere, but it never gets used
cheese slicer,
yes, gets used all the time
tomato cutter,
banana box,
wine thermometer,
no, no, no
lid-unscrewing gadget

Rhubarbodendron wrote: View Post
an exotic device I use rather often is my candy thermometer.
Got one of those.

Grey wrote: View Post

Mortar and pestle
Got a small one of those.
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