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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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The typical response of the Moffat Fan. "You're all too stupid to understand his Genius."
When it's true it's true, as it is in this case (see the last response below).

So how did the Statue Of Liberty wander around Manhattan without anyone noticing, or it being constantly stopped by people looking at it? Use only information contained in the episode itself while answering.
The same way no one noticed a giant Cyberking was being constructed in 1851. Or how dragging Earth through space didn't cause even a single tidal wave or earthquake (or any of the other countless disasters that should have coincided with it). Or having a massive planet closer to Earth than the Moon is didn't fuck either world over. Or how the Titanic successfully crashed into the TARDIS. Or any of the other countless bouts of random stupidity that came from RTD's tenure.

How does not being able to visit New York in 1938 stop the Doctor rescuing Amy and Rory in any one of a dozen other ways? Actually make it two dozen since River must be able to visit them whenever she wants in order to drop off her book manuscript. Use only information contained in the episode itself while answering.
This has been explained several times. Feel free to go back and re-read any of the posts in which it has been addressed. Including the one you replied to.

(Hint: It's not that they couldn't find a way to go back, it's that doing so would likely cause the world to go kaboomy. And, since they're all nice and happy back then and lived to a ripe old age, there was no real imperative to go back and risk destroying the entire planet to save them from their happy little life that they were already longing for.)
So since RTD did stupid things that excuses Moffatt from doing the same!? Some of us watch the show on its own merits and don't turn everything into some imaginary battle between two different showrunners.
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