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Re: will star trek ever return to prime universe?

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They can easily "reset" it by setting it in 25 century. Star Trek is not Batman, there is no reason for resetting at all. The abortion that was the movie would never fly as a TV series because you woulnd't have a dedicated fanbase. It would be another run of the mill nonsense sci fi, there would be nothing special about, no magic.
"Nothing special" about bringing back Trek's most famous and beloved characters? I couldn't disagree more.

Characters will always be more important than continuity. That's why all the comic book characters, why all the classics, why Sherlock Holmes etc are reborn time and time again. Because the characters are loved.

Trek has tried and tried, but they never topped Kirk's crew. They are icons. And as we saw with the cancellation of Enterprise and flop of Nemesis, the setting of Trek itself is no longer enough to draw people.

Another generic Trek series further into the future with a crew of nobodies is doomed. A Trek series bringing back the characters everyone loves and updating them, THAT has a chance.

No there is nothing special about it unless you're a fan which is a small portion of the audience. What are you going to do, rejuvenate Shatner or Stewart? Or do you really want a bunch of kids playing them?

Good actors can be found for a new show, just like Stewart and Brooks were. The appeal of Star Trek was strange new worlds and technologies in adition to writing and acting. New generations of kids want to see wonders just like I did when I was a kid, not same old rehashed technologies. Everybody has a laptop now, everybody has a powerful database, everybody can buy a video game and play with phasers, starship combat etc... there's a million "gritty" shows on TV like the nuTrek, that type of stuff is just not interesting. A Trek series like that would flop in 1 season.

What needs to happen is that new, revolutionary technologies need to be invented, new strange stories need to be told, with a new compelling characters that we don't know, but want to know more about, etc etc. That's why I'd set it in the 25th century, have Picard and Sisko come in a cameo aboard new ship as 145 year old admirals or captains.

That said, I'd like movies to feature them, but a new series needs to be totally independent.
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