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Re: Are vulcans biologically smarter than humans?

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Vulcans are superior to humans
Perhaps intellectually superior. But as has been noted, intelligence and smarts are two different things. Humans as a group would seem to be smarter than Vulcans.

And a serious case could be made that Vulcans are culturally inferior to Humans, and socially stunted. Both of which could have to do with their brain architecture.

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teacake wrote: View Post
That is incorrect. We are not blank slates. Our brains vary in wiring.

I would argue against this statement because
its our environment and the way we are raised

(not to mention presented with certain options),

along with exposure to certain information
(and a whole bunch of other factors that have nothing to do with 'mental wiring')

what varies quite a lot.

Even people who were born in the same environment,
exposed to same 'education' will be each treated differently,
whether by their parents or their peers, and their exposure to information

(relevant or otherwise along with education will be different) -

in some cases, the differences will probably be subtle
(in others, large),

but it would still have a profound impact on ones development
(ranging all the way back to fetal development - nutritional intake/diet, external stimulation impacting the body and the fetus growth - all of those are factors that can and probably do influence Human development).
I'm sorry, but how does your response argue against Teacake's statement that "We are not blank slates. Our brains vary in wiring." Teacake never claimed that environment wasn't a contributing factor.
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