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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

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My position is she had no lust or love and she was lying completely.

It's possible that she forgot that she was lying after spending up all night trying to crack that wormhole, but one cup of coffee is all she should have needed to fix that.
Well that puts her in a very intelligent light.

But what was that expression on her face at the end all about?
I think that expression was... "Damn... ANOTHER two shuttles lost!"

Your point about her looking exhausted is well put, since she was.

She was exhausted from playing the part of a "put upon traveler/alien" that allows herself to be seduced by not just a charming monster, but a repetent monster as well ... all the while trying to save not just the alien telepaths and her on telepaths but her entire ship & crew.

I also think she's disappointed... disappointed when she confirmed yet again that Santa Claus doesn't exist, the tooth fairy is a fable, and that Kayshyk couldn't find it within himself to turn COMPLETELY from his wicked ways despite her awesomeness.

He did turn away somewhat... he DIDN'T take her ship or her crew or even her own telepaths. But despite basking in the glow of the Janeway aura... he couldn't reform enough to meet her expectations.

JANEWAY: I never lied to you. My OFFER to take you was genuine and it would still stand, if YOU had kept your part of the bargain.

More interestingly... what would have happened if he HAD kept the bargain, and stayed with Voyager because of Janeway.

Methinks a certain warrior who sits to her left would be more than a little perturbed.

Kayshyk: The Bridge is yours.

I love this line... because to me it was hilarious.

Honey... it always WAS hers.

It doesn't matter whether she sits in the center seat or in that seat to the left.

It doesn't matter if she's awake, asleep, on the Delta Flyer or stranded on a planet.

The bridge, the ship the crew are ALWAYS her's, and sooner or later everyone who tries to come between her and that bridge discovers that simple fact.

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