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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

The tensions between Miller's Holmes and Liu's Watson gave a slightly sour taste to the pilot. Unless "bland" more or less means that the Miller Holmes wasn't entertainingly kick-ass (too flawed in ordinary human ways, as opposed to the ludicrous BBC version,) the pilot wasn't bland. Or does "bland" mean lacking in scenes were the Hero delivers a devastating one-liner while the punching bags obligingly remain mute? Or worse, is the "bland" the same kind of difference as between a Honda and a BMW, which is to say, snob value?

To turn to another topic, it is highly unlikely there is any such thing as a "CBS crime show fan." The chances that anyone is so undiscriminating as to watch both NCIS shows, both CSI shows, Hawaii Five-O, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Person of Interest and Elementary is extremely low. In fact, there are considerable differences between all these shows which far outweigh any (probably imaginary) commonalties derived from being broadcast by the same network. Most likely, the supposed "CBS crime show fan" is a fan of two or three series, indifferent or even hostile to the others. Therefore, it is entirely probable that there are many viewers who will indeed know quite a lot about Sherlock Holmes.

CBS shows tend to be better written with higher production values, possibly less sensationalist (as being "bad writing",) possibly a little better at race, possibly a little worse on gay issues. The better writing and better production values appear to come mostly from being able to afford it, so I'm not sure too much credit should be given for it. I'm also not sure anyone watches enough primetime network TV to be able to issue very many reliable generalizations on a whole network. The real issue in anti-CBS rants seems to be a deranged hate/fear of supposed old people.
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