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Re: will star trek ever return to prime universe?

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Whoever CBS decides on to develop a new Trek series may have no interest whatsoever in keeping either the prime-verse or the Abramsverse, and if they can convince CBS it's the way to go, they'll sign off on it happily enough, IMO.
As a practical matter, the most likely showrunner for a new series is someone like Bob Orci who has a proven ability to milk more money out of the old cash cow that CBS probably thought had dried up before Abrams & co proved otherwise. And it would be downright weird for Orci to decide to ignore continuity he helped create.
It depends on when the show comes about. If it's sometime fairly soon--say, about within the next two to five years--the odds are very good it'll be something developed by Orci & Kurtzman (they wouldn't be showrunners, but rather executive producers--those guys have too many projects going on at any given time to be tied down exclusively to just one for any real length of time).

But the longer it takes (due to either CBS dragging their feet, not liking Orci's pitch, or not coming to terms with him, etc.,) the more likely CBS might look at somebody else.
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