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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

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Why wouldn't they just send your ass back to another assassin that doesn't know you?
In standard practice, it wouldn't make a difference, since the guy has his face covered and they're supposed to shoot instantly.
Why does a telekinetic god need to send people back in time to be killed?
He doesn't. The system was set up by the previous mobsters; he just took it over, and is liquidating the loopers because one of them killed his mother.
If murdering people in the future is so hard, why did they shoot the chinese wife?
Bringing in sources not in the movie, the director said that was not intended, and burning the house was a weak attempt to cover their tracks that probably wouldn't work.

I thought it was terrific. Strong characters, intense action, good plotting. The specifics of the time travel are full of things you can question (something the movie acknowledges, and then dismisses; I guess it really comes down to whether you agree with Old Joe that "it doesn't matter"). Really, the only sort of time travel that makes logical sense is a stable loop, which this isn't.
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