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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

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I love the Ares' nacelles, especially the front glowing caps and nacelle shell detail... hate the glowing dish and the saucer hull's topside surface texture... way too TMP-ish... A couple of touches might be nice for what should be an older-generation starship: a "Cage"-style "pregnant anthill"-style bridge dome would be a nice touch, smoother saucer topside surface texturing, and maybe "Where No Man Has Gone Before" cheese-grater-style aft nacelle caps.

Sounds like a really interesting project.
I did originally have the "Cheese Grater" Nacelle Caps on the Nacelles in my 2D design. we decided to take them off. And I also did a version with the the "Cage-Style" Bridge Dome.

I went with revisions that Alec wanted since it is his vision of the time period and also we are not living in the 1960's so design style have also changed since that time.

I think as you see more of this project you will agree, we have some great people attached to the project.
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