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Re: What do you look for in a fan fic?

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What sort of things do you look for in a Star Trek fan fic?
Does it really matter if it's TOS, TNG, DS9, Voy, or ENT?
Yes it matters. I prefer The Original Series.

Do you prefer original characters, or established series characters?
Depends on the established characters. I prefer Pike's crew to Kirk's. I'll read stories with OC's if the stories are reminiscent of TOS style.

Action packed or heavy dialogue?
Action-packed with relevant dialogue.

A short story 5 to 10 pages, a medium story 10 to 20 pages, or a long story 20 pages and up?
An interesting story, however long it needs to be for the author to tell it.

Do you want romance in your fan fics?
As long as romance isn't the purpose of the fic, I'm good.
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