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Re: Stanley Kubrick marathon

I like The Killing. It isn't a great movie, to be sure, but it's a taught heist movie with terrific ending. According to IMDB the narration was a compromise between Kubrick and the studio; it's designed to guide the audience along, but it gets a few details wrong along the way. I don't really care for it, although it bothered me less upon second viewing.

After an initial test screening, Kubrick edited a linear version of the movie, but this proved more confusing so the original nonlinear version was eventually the one released. This was, it should be pointed out, the invention of the novel, not the filmmakers.

Jim Thompsen, a novelist who wrote (among other things) The Killer Inside Me essentially wrote the screenplay, but Kubrick only credited him with writing dialogue. This might have been over money, or over Kubrick establishing himself as an "auteur" (before Sarris used the term in the U.S., of course), but it was a dick move in either case.
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