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Re: Enterprise-D vs. Voyager (extenuating circumstances)

Deks wrote: View Post
Except that Voyager was launched roughly 7 years after the Enterprise-D.
As the "Flagship of the Federation," the Enterprise would of had access to all the newest upgrades in sensors, phaser emitters, torpedoes, computers, etc.

Look at the battle between the Defiant and the Lakota. The newest, most heavily armed for it size warship in Starfleet verses an aging Excelsior Class cruiser, but with it's resent upgrades the Lakota held it own.

Just because a ship is smaller, doesn't mean it cannot match or surpass the larger ones in terms of combat ability.
It kind of does. A larger ship to begin with has a larger warp core. By necessity just to move it - more powerful impulse engines (additional power production). More numerous auxiliary power units. And all these thing can be spread farther apart, making collateral damage less likely.

While the Enterprise is a larger target, much of the Enterprise's internal volume is non-combat critical. A lesser percent of the Voyager could be described the same.

The phaser emitters (the "strips") on the Enterprise have over twice the width of Voyagers. Suggesting greater energy output.

And remember, prior to battle (or during) the Enterprise can jettison it saucer section, Voyager can not dispense with a portion of it bulk.

the galaxy class has a number of different non-combat systems which are left on during combat situations.
Or casually switched off. One of the advantages of the Enterprise's large volume is that life support can be switched off and simply keep the air circulation "fans" running. Voyager has a lesser per person cubic meter ratio.

Deks wrote: View Post
Picard found it incredulous that a man from the late 20th century in 'The Neutral Zone' compared the Enterprise to a 'naval ship'
Buzzer -- the guy from the 20th century said that the Enterprise wasn't as efficient run as a luxury cruise ship he was once aboard.

He never at any point compared it to a naval ship.

RB_Kandy wrote: View Post
Now Voyager takes on a Borg Tactical cube, you know ...
You mean "the baby cube?"

In military parlance, tactical means small, local, lower powered, short term and flexible.

Flexible is alway good.

in Best Of Both Worlds
That was a full sized cube, what I and some others (completely non-canon) refer to as a "strategic cube." From shot of the Enterprise and the cube on screen simultaneously, this thing was over ten cubic kilometres in size, and was in no way "tactical."

Tiberius wrote: View Post
The Enterprise D ... [snip] We saw quite a few of them in the Dominion War.
And in the Dominion War, when the Federation was fighting for it's life, anyone remember Starfleet using any Intrepid class starships in battle?

That says something.

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