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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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That's Christopher Bidmead's argument against Moffat's work as well -- it feels like a first draft. To be fair, Moffat's work isn't always a first draft; the next Christmas script went through six drafts and several blown deadlines. But Moffat has said he wants his Doctor Who work to feel like a first draft -- breathless, passionate, running from moment to moment, with no hint as to what's around the next plot twist.
I thought Bidmead said that about RTD? Or maybe he just uses it for all modern Who writers? One wonders how many iterations the Logopolis script went through yet still included a scene where the Doctor planned to flood the Tardis in order to flush the Master out, still one of the most ludicrous moments in Who ever!
Yes, that was indeed Bidmead's argument about Russell T Davies, not Moffat. I'm inclined to agree with him (although it's a tad hypocritical!), in that generally speaking I think that label applies much more to Davies than Moffat. That said, last night felt to me in many ways the most "RTD" that Moffat has ever been; the Statue of Liberty being able to go walkabout Ghostbusters II-style without anyone noticing in the city that never sleeps, for example. That kind of "spectacle over plot logic" was very Russell IMHO.
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