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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I am not scared of associating with anyone all I said is that the most natural way to make babies is a man sleeping with a woman. We have male and female toilets in public places and we we have boys and girls scout we don’t have gays and straight scouts. men are women are physically, socially, psychologically and emotionally different.

Take Spock and Uhura for example no wait this thread is even about them.Spock will never physically hurt uhura if they get into an argument but he can physically hurt kirk. do you want to know why? Uhura is a woman and Kirk is a man.

Spock strangling uhura will be domestic violence but Spock strangling Kirk will be just one of those guy things where they throw out punches.
You're simply trying to hide your dislike of gay people. If you weren't then Quinto being gay would have absolutely no bearing on your feelings about the on screen relationship. I don't think it worked but that has more to do with the way that its written and nothing to do with the sexuality of the people portraying the characters.

In This Side of Paradise, Spock brings up that assaulting a fellow officer is a court martial offense. Kirk then points out that if they're both in the brig no one could build the transmitter. So normally, Kirk and Spock would've both been facing charges but neither pursued them because it would interfere with their ability to solve the crisis.
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