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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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My DW viewing friends and I think otherwise. One particular friend pretty much nailed it when she said that all too often it feels like Moffat only writes one draft with all the usual inconsistencies of a first draft, but never bothers to do a rewrite. So, his episodes all are bursting with potential, but rarely use it to its fullest.
Personally, from what I've seen on this forum alone, the vast majority of people who piss and moan about the show are the ones who clearly and painfully weren't paying any attention whatsoever to what was actually going on. And even when the actual story of what was going on is pointed out to them, it flies right past their heads just so they can keep ranting and raving like loons.

Say what you want about RTD, but at least he never contradicted himself.
And speaking of self-delusion...

"The Doctor really is the last of the Timelords!" <The Master shows up> "Well, okay, maybe not the last, but it's just those two!" <Gallifrey shows up in orbit> "Well, my fanboys will continue to say I never contradict myself!" <The Daleks wave from the sidelines> "Fuck."
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