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Re: TNG episodes that would've been interesting to see on TOS

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One wonders if they could've done a show like Cause and Effect. You just know the Enterprise blowing up in the teaser would've shocked the hell out of a 60's audience. I wonder what their idea of a Starfleet ship a century older than the Constitution class would look like. (Notice I was careful not to say a 22nd Century ship, since they never did peg down the century on the original series. I believe as late as the writer's bible for the Star Trek II series, they were being intentionally vague). Would've been neat if they could've gotten a well-known actor from some popular show on at the time to cameo as the captain of the other ship, as Kelsey Grammer did.
Agreed. "Cause and Effect" would have been interesting, although I'm not sure how they would have been able to send a message into subsequent loops as the Enterprise-D crew did. Perhaps Spock would have found a way to use the Vulcan mind-meld to accomplish this.

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Conundrum is another one that I think would've worked.

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The Royale might've been doable. I could see Kirk reading Col. Richey's final log. Would've loved to see Spock clean out the casino.
I thought about this episode, as well. One thing that I wonder about is whether the audience would have reacted the same way to seeing Enterprise crew members thrown into another historical era, particularly one so recent, as less time had passed since people lived that way.

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Darmok DEFINITELY would work!
"Darmok" would have been great.

Another episode that I thought about was "Future Imperfect." Imagine Kirk waking up sixteen years into the future, just as Riker did, in the opening teaser. I could easily see a 1960s audience glued to a plot like that, as it would have reminded them of The Twilight Zone.

In this "Future Imperfect," Kirk has remained captain of the Enterprise, and Spock has since been given a command of his own. Sulu is now Kirk's executive officer. McCoy and Scott are still aboard, as is Chevkov. Uhura has accepted a position aboard Spock's vessel. There have been other changes aboard the Enterprise, too. The new science officer is Andorian, and the communications officer, Romulan.

Spock's vessel meets Kirk's at a designated rendez-vous point. Spock and Uhura beam to the Enterprise, where they are relieved to find Kirk is recovering. They are joined by one other person- Kor- who is now a Klingon Ambassador to the Federation. Kirk bristles at the notion of peace with the Klingons (similar to his reaction in The Undiscovered Country), only to be reassured by Spock that Kirk himself is the man most directly responsible for the peace treaty that's on the verge of being signed.

As there weren't children on the Enterprise, it would have been difficult to justify having a child aboard as Riker did, but perhaps Kirk could have discovered pictures of his son in his quarters, as well as pictures of his wife- who looks exactly like Edith Keeler.

How to work out the illusion-within-illusion would have been difficult with no holodeck, but I think I have solution. Once Kirk realizes that he's in the midst of an illusion, perhaps the scene dissolves to resemble the holding cells on Talos IV. It is there that Kirk discovers a small child who resembles his fictional son and attempts to help him escape.

His "son" mistakenly comments about Spock having been the captain of the another vessel, which Kirk knows has never happened. It is then that the audience finally learns the truth, that the boy is a member of alien race similar to Barash's people. Kirk agrees to take him back to the Enterprise, so that he doesn't have continue living life alone.
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