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Re: Who's your favorite Trek actor at conventions?

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Gates McFadden I could do without. Very cold and unapproachable. Just wanted to go through the line and get done with it. Not very gracious with the audience.
This shows how everyone has their off days.

Years ago my daughter (who was 8 at the time) and I met her at a convention in Sacramento. I bought my daughter a photo op, and we were first in line. When she went to sit down with Gates, the camera malfunctioned. While waiting to get it going, Gates sat with my daughter and chatted away for about 4-5 minutes. She was very kind and gracious.

Later, when Gates was onstage doing Q&A, my daughter stood up to ask a question. Gates asked everyone to "keep it down" because "my friend _________ has a question." For the rest of the convention, when people saw my daughter, they'd say "there's Gates McFadden's friend!"

I have met tons of the actors over the years, having attended many conventions. Most have been great. Some were okay, and a few...not so much.

The one I found cold and distant was Suzie Plakson. Death stare and one word answers. Maybe she just didn't like me for some reason, but she was not very nice.

Chase Masterson was great. So was LeVar Burton.

One time I remember was with Dominic Keating. He was drinking the whole day. We saw him several times throughout the day, and he was great with the fans. Even a little sloppy, but in a harmless, good-time kind of way.

I had a pretty good conversation with Max Grodenchik one time. Very down to Earth. Decent, nice man.

My daughter and I saw Marc Alaimo, Casey Biggs, and Jeffrey Combs perform scenes from Shakespeare at one convention. They were great.

One of my favorites was Marina Sirtis. She was hilarious. Loud, opinionated, and beautiful. She sat at our table during dinner and went off on Stuart Baird and Nemesis. It was refreshing and funny ("the guy didn't even like Star Trek for Chistssake!"). My wife and I got a picture with her and Frakes together, one of my favorite souvenirs.

Then of course, the Holy Grail (for me)....Kate Mulgrew. She was something else. Larger than life personality. Everything was Big. Big speech, Big answers, Big hugs. A very dynamic person.

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