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Re: Things found in your kitchen.

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an exotic device I use rather often is my candy thermometer. I need it for making my famous robinia honey fudge The sugar has to boil at exactly 114C. Only a few degrees more or less and you get syrup, toffees or hard boiled sweets.
I've got one of those that i only use during the Christmas season, and only to make Sugared Walnuts. The sugar has to boil at precisely the right temperature or you wind up with a big ball of goo. Two degrees either way and it's completely garbage.

Other utensils in my kitchen that don't see much use include: corkscrew (used about 10x a year), flour sifter (just bought one this week since I have no idea what happened to the old one), two ancient vegetable peelers (they are rusty and I have two fairly new ones too), and my coffee maker (used only Dec. - Mar.)
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