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Re: will star trek ever return to prime universe?

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Another generic Trek series further into the future with a crew of nobodies is doomed. A Trek series bringing back the characters everyone loves and updating them, THAT has a chance.
I completly agree with a series about beloved characters. So why not do a post-Romulus explosion series, like a series post 2387, let's say somewhere between 2390-2400, and could show us almost every character from TNG/DS9/VOY, as main or episodic guests. We could have a star ship with a captain and 2-3 main characters selected from the previous series but the premise of the series would be something to be different enough from the previous series. Post Romulus federation could be an interesting settings as we could have settings that could permit almost any direction. Ex. the Federation would have access to Romulan territories, other organizations like the Klingon Empire, the Cardassians, maybe the Dominon even would be interested to take over what left of the Romulan empire, the Federation could become obsessed of controlling the Romulan space because they think that Romulans where ready to make some powerful weapons against them and this is a good chance to prove this (something what happens between USA and the Middle East - mistrust, problems). Star Trek was always a mirror for current situations, and the fall of the Romulan empire could be a great setting for this set up ... I know, I'm just a fan, but this is why I would set up the new series in the prime-verse in the late 2300s or early 2400s, it could have anything that could satisfy a lot of fans: familiar characters, no need to watch continuity and so on ... But I know ... CBS executives are no fans, they only want to see if something is financial possible or not ... And let's face it, CBS audience is not the Star Trek audience.
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