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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

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Apparently loopers consider it standard procedure, being ordered to kill their future selves...if I was one, I'd freak out knowing what would eventually happen to me. Seems that would be a bit of a downer, knowing that your ultimate destiny is to be murdered...even if you get to live a life of luxury up to that point, you'd still know you're going to die, and the exact circumstances thereof...and who wants that?
This actually makes some sense to me. While Joe is describing the concept, he does say something like "this job doesn't attract the most forward thinking people." Remember, Loopers seem to live a life of luxury and protection. While Joe was driving his nice car through the poor neighbourhood, someone tried throwing a bottle at him, and that person was instantly swarmed and beaten by a gang that seems to pop up from nowhere.

So, all it takes is a person desperate and down on their luck to have this opportunity thrust at them. Money, women, protection and one day you'll be free to do whatever the hell you want with all these things. Clearly everyone just ignores the fact that they'll someday get killed with the attitude of "everyone dies eventually anyway."
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