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The Starship Pisces

Hi yas!

This is pretty much my first official custom I have made.

The Pisces:

In the late 24th century, the 2360's to be more exact, a group of bounty hunters (which includes Cassy Morrison's human wife, Luna.) realized that they needed a starship to extend their business ventures. Therefore, they went and purchased/traded with the Qualor Surplus Depot Z15 parts from various, decommissioned Starships. The Pisces, as the bounty hunter's ship was to be called, consisted of mainly a large, cargo container with 23rd century parts, mainly warp drives pods, impulse housings, and a saucer. The ship was capable of saucer separation, both the saucer and the secondary sections were both capable of impulse and warp travel, allowing the crew to jettison one section if in an emergency, while still able to make use of the remaining one. Its shuttle bays are located in the horizontal warp pod supports, and carries various small craft, from shuttles to a few fighters.

The parts used to make the Pisces were from various ships, and the names and numbers were removed, only a faint impression where the paint was remain.

Note the mis-matched numbers, further showing the ship was made from pieces of different ships.

Parts used here were Starkillers Constitution kit, and the Crossbow add-ons.
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