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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

A fine day's football yesterday:

History at Old Trafford. Did anyone ever believe any number of leads would be enough for Spurs until the whistle finally went? I wouldn't have believed they were safe if they had had a 5 goal lead in the 85th minute but there we go, it's Spurs!
Does any manager express his joy at winning as emphatically as AVB?
Arsenal and Chelsea spending 90 minutes seeing whose weaknesses would show up first. A fine goal from Torres.
City pulling it out the fire. Again. They're becoming more like their neighbours by the week, aren't they?
Norwich and Southampton showing why they are going down before the trees have leaves again.
Demba Ba scoring both an incredible running volley and with a volleyball-style slap shot. Shameless!
Blackpool, possibly the best team in the division, put to the sword at the Cardiff City Stadium. Glorious. Maybe promotion really is just a red kit away after all

And now Forest v Derby where nothing ludicrous, insane or out of the ordinary will happen at all....
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