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Re: Who's your favorite Trek actor at conventions?

About that James Doohan convention:

Some of my memories have blurred as it happened in 1996, but here's what I can recollect. It was an all-purpose sci-fi con, so others showing up that day included Terry Farrell, Ethan Phillips, Peter Mayhew, David Prowse and Mark Goddard. Since every sci-fi con always has a costumed Klingon, this one urged Mr. Prowse to join his team and switch empires.

James Doohan spoke for one hour in a Q&A. A few minutes before I'd had him sign a photo of him with the knife from WOLF IN THE FOLD. The photo was inside Allen Asherman's STAR TREK COMPENDIUM. Another fan had him sign a tall bottle of Scotch...

During his engaging Q%A he sang what I believe was a Gaelic song at one point. He talked about his military experiences in WW2, the loss of his finger, hiding the missing digit in THE ENEMY WITHIN.......and if memory serves, he may have also brought up the anecdote of the suicidal fan who later turned her life around as mentioned in the TREKKIES documentary.

During that hour I also won a trivia contest, which gave me a card signed with Mr. Doohan's name. I walked up through a massive crowd while he said good-naturedly, ''Feel free not to rush.'' That's what I mostly remember.
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