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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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Or leave a message for them in an earlier year. Or send someone else to pick them up...

Although I guess it's possible that even interacting or communicating with them in some way could be dangerous and could upset the timeline.
That's exactly it. I really don't know how so many people aren't getting this, considering the Doctor was ranting about it the entire episode. It's why he got so upset about Amy reading ahead, why he was angry that River broke her wrist, and why he was devastated when he realized what room he was in where Rory died. He also went and flat-out told us that causing another paradox would be disastrous...

I mean, what more did they have to do to make you (the collective you, not you personally, davejames) understand this? They already beat you over the head with it.
Because it's technobabble and essentially meaningless and Moffatt has gone to the time travel well too many times and every time the 'rules' seem to be different.

Probably why pretty much every other writer in Who history has kept the time travel vague and stayed away from making it the centre of the plot but Moffatt can't help himself.
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