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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Hey guys. I've got myself a new laptop yesterday, and it's capable of playing STO. So, I was thinking about joining the game. But for a noob, with a game that's been released a few years ago, will it all be a bit overwhelming? Or is it easy to get into??
game is easy once you get familiar with whole sto universe and concept, I played the game year ago and stopped playing, than I got back and now I'm trying to find my way around again.

Anyways I also have a question for you all here. Crafting, for some reason they came with some stupid idea if you want to craft expensive and rare stuff, you need to get some uncommon un-replicatable materials which on exchange cost 95000 credits or on Memory Alpha around 90 000 credits or 1000 Dilithium, which I honestly think its absolute rip-off crafting becomes pointless or too expensive endeavor. I did crafted some of my own gear, (1750 research points), but now it seems to me really pointless to craft anything if only source of uncommon un-replicatable materials is Memory Alpha. Are there any other ways of getting these stuff other than Memory Alpha, the exchange or Qonos? I'm hoping there is, as it would really kill crafting segment of the game, some of XII gear is even more expensive, 31 uncommon un-replicatable materials are needed, Aegis needs only 18. Sick, this is what makes me really angry with developers, also Zen - Dilithium exchange, how does it work, do you offer how many Zen you need and offer the amount of Dilithium and if someone accepts your offer you have a deal?

I have plenty of Dilithium (although I was away so my mark of exploration... and other stuff were converted in to Dilithium but at very poor exchange, I presume 50-100 Dilithium for each mark of exploration/honor... w/e,

I was basically shortchanged by about million dilithium at exchange rate I read on sto wiki. Any chance of getting that, or I just have to accept the current situation as it is.

Also, I'm thinking of getting retrofit defiant for my other character (toon) can i transfer these from my current Tristan toon to my other toon's bank ? Also any ideas what to do with particle traces now that crafting is pointless ?

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