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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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The practicalities:
Star Trek is a reboot yes but its also a prequel.a 2009 movie set in the 1950's on a TOS timescale.
it's alternative reality. The only thing that can be considered "prequel" here is the fact that you see the characters when they were young (something you didn't see in TOS) but for all that matter it's a prequel of this alternative reality not TOS one.

Even if Uhura did enjoy him pulling on his lyre in the rec room.
The pre part to that she describes him as having "satan's eyes,and the devil's ears", not exactly a rememberance of "young love"
They didn't have a relationship in TOS and I think that no one is saying the contrary.
This is another mistake I often read people making about this movie, the assumption that just because Nu!Spock and Uhura do have a relationship it automatically means that Tos Spock and Uhura had one too. As far as canon is concerned (if we go by suppositions and subtext one could believe they were a couple stretching things out a bit ) they weren't romantically involved with each other.

The only reason some people and the writers bring their TOS scenes in the topic is because while their relationship is canon only in this reality, unlike what some fans say, it isn't completely baseless for the TOS canon and it's believable that the writers took inspiration from their scenes from TOS.
Under different circumstances they could have been together and that's what the reboot writers explored (by making them meet each other earlier etc)

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
what's more logic for Spock? Alternative realities being different or concepts like "destiny"? because if you think that each reality is the same then it's destiny we're talking about here, the idea that no matter what you do you will always end up with the same identical result (already contradicted by the existence of a mirror universe where the characters were already different)
That is more or less like expecting him to believe in God.
I think that Spock won't even pay attention to whatever the other Spock had a relationship with Uhura (or other people) or not. It must be not so hard for him to figure out that the two realities are different and in fact he's the first one in the movie that realized that and acknowledged that his life won't be like Spock's prime one. In the scene that I posted previously he actually sounds like he's chastising Spock Prime for his flawed logic and really when you think about it Spock prime was more out of character in that movie than Quinto Spock. Doesn't mean that I don't like him or I can't justify him if I want but still he wasn't totally like TOS Spock either.
Of course he still took his advice, but I think that he did it because it was logical for him to do so after Spock prime essentially freed him from his duty toward his people (by volunteering as the one who would help them "you can stay in two places in the same moment").

but you would need a very active imagination to ascribe anything remotely near a previous love interest between Spock and Uhura from watching TOS .
they didn't. But it doesn't need a very active imagination to believe they could be attracted to each other

This comment from in particular has made some interesting points about TOS S/U:
It goes well with what Nichelle Nichols also stated and the fact that Roddenberry had wanted to explore a S/U relationship but he never could.
In that, JJ is doing what the original writers weren't allowed to do at the time.

4. The actor who plays the young Spock came out as "fully gay" in 2011. So what?..perhaps,Sulu/George Takei "married some guy in the 2000's", but for an audience paying/watching something and hoping to be entertained,all the close up shots of young spock n young uhura rotated to look more horizontal mambo are kinda wasted .

Either way I cant see how the Spock/Uhura relationship can be continued.
Openly gay actor in a long term heterosexual franchise relationship just wouldbt wrk for me ,,sorry. if that sounds homophobic

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Openly gay actor in a long term heterosexual franchise relationship just wouldbt wrk for me ,,sorry. if that sounds homophobic
Not homophobic, necessarily, but silly.

I mean, it's not like Zachary Quinto is actually half-Vulcan or has pointed ears either. He's an actor playing a role. In this case, a green-blooded, heterosexual Vulcan!

We're talking about Spock and Uhura here, not Quinto and Saldana.

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Has it ever occurred to anyone the Spock will outlive Uhura...Spock can live up to 200 years...Uhura would be lucky to get to a 100.

so it is not really happily ever after....sigh
he's bound to tragedy, he will always outlive the ones that he loves (unless he dies in a mission) look at Spock Prime. One more reason to live the moment... carpe diem
It could be interesting (if the writers really do want to play with the differences between realities) if S/U will have a son who in the future will be in starfleet too.
(Spock Prime had a son in one of the novels but they aren't canon)
(though some people can bet that Spock and Uhura's son is Tuvok )
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