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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

My points are
1.Take the movie in isolation, and the relationship works and provides interest.
2.The movie is a reboot and prequel, same characters "starting off". The reasons include .Catching in fans of TOS,reintroducing fans of TNG to the original cast ,Getting the next generation who might not have even seen the next genera...wait Im getting into a paradox here
Most of what is in the movie is ..yes Im gonna say it "logical" in the sense that TOS could have progressed from this movie stXI or however you wish to describe it.
The Spock/Uhura relationship in its present form couldnt have.
If TOS had come first in the fictional timeline np.
Pull away the dodgy sets the shakin camers and the crew throwing themselves around to simulate attacks n so on and TOS and XI come down to the "ongoing mission" of the interplay between the main characters.
You dont really see that much of/care about the other 300 crew members aka "ensign fodders".
STXI does a fair "how it it started job on all the main chars.Scott.. meh but wth.The Uhura/Spock thing isticks out as an anomaly imho.

Whatever way you dress it up the Spock/Uhura relationship is different to TOS.
Face it there is no romantic relationship between the 2 in TOS that could have continued on from the point they reached in stXI.

Whats gonna happen now..?
Progression.. and a "Vulcan mindblank" at some future date ?
"Lets keep our love secret" cos were at work and the odd" stop the elevator for a quickie" .. erm maybe.
I mean in the sense of STII. "whose been holding up the godamn elevator" and a scene likethe pair emerge with "secret smiles" and uniform adjustments.

A further oncreen elevation would jar badly with me.. a "paying audience " type cos of the history/lack of, and other reasons mentioned previously.
nb I didnt vote on the poll cos the options dont cover it.
I mean for example ,I didnt hate them together and if I had never seen stI-VI or TOS I might have voted, Loved them together, after first viewing STXI.
Will Spock boldly go where no Vulcan/half Vulcan has gone before? I hope not at least not on screen anyway

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