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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

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I don't have my flash turned on.

Downloading youtube outright now and then is easier than my slow old pc being constantly hammered by exotic advertising.

What I remember is the sarcastic "I had to take some precautions, you understand?"

but after that was blurry in my minds eye.

Thankyou for the recap.

She was actually into him?

Well, if he was on her ship full time that would disqualify him as a lover.

But then again...

Kashyk was just out catching criminals and taking them to prison, which is exactly what Janeway was doing with the Maquis in the pilot, and comparing Auckland to a concentration camp is not overly extreme.
Yes I was thinking, who knows if it was only prejudice that led to the telepath arrests? Maybe they were like an underground Psi-Corp and terrorized society.

But as to expressions at the end, it's all open to interpretation especially with Mahler booming away in the background. Here's the dialog:

KASHYK: To hell with protocol, Prax! Do you think either of us will benefit from having this failure on our records? As far as you're concerned this incident never occurred. Make sure your teams share that understanding. Well played, Captain. It seems I never did earn your trust.
JANEWAY: I had to take a few precautions. You understand.
KASHYK: Better than anyone.
JANEWAY: I never lied to you. My offer to take you with us was genuine, and it would still stand if you'd kept your part of the bargain.
KASHYK: For what it's worth you made a tempting offer. The Bridge is yours.

Kashyk leaves, fade in to Janeway looking exhausted and pained.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Kashyk was a charming monster, which is what I've always said about her too, she's a very charming monster.
I know you edited this but it was already my quote box when the phone rang. I am just so taken with the charming monster moniker.. it is very Gaga

And really I think one theme of Counterpoint was that Janeway and Kashyk were equals, in charm, smarts and the ability to play the game. You hardly see anyone else in the episode, it's a dueling duet.

I just had the thought.. if Kashyk had won what would have become of Janeway? I don't think he would have saved her for himself. I think it would have ended with her and the crew sent off to a camp and Kashyk sitting on the bridge of his own ship looking exhausted and regretful.

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