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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

Thought it was pretty damn good. The angels might not be quite as scary or interesting as when we first saw them, but they were still used well here. Especially since we got to see a few different versions this time.

And the way the detective novel played into it I thought was really clever and inspired too.

The only thing that brings it down a bit is the time travel issues people have already talked about. After 3 seasons of watching this Doctor play incredibly fast and loose with time travel, it's a bit strange to suddenly see him talking about "rigid rules" again and about events that "can't be changed no matter what." The idea that he would just abandon Amy and Rory to the past and not at least TRY to bend the rules and bring them back is a bit hard to believe.

Plus this ending with the Ponds (good though it is) just can't help but feel a bit superfluous, given that they already HAD the perfect ending last season. I'm still frankly a bit baffled as to why Moffat wanted to bring them back again. As much as I love the characters, it just doesn't feel like their presence was ever truly justified this time around.
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