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Caveat Emptor.

I haven't been keeping up with things on a day-by-day basis, just reading the emails and checking in at the forums occasionally, but I haven't seen anything to make me regret investing. If it becomes something I don't like, well, that's my tough luck-- I didn't sign any contracts, I just gave them a handout.

I've heard a few people talk about a "change in vision," but they haven't really specifically said what that means. Marc is writing several scripts instead of one? Okay, I always knew it was intended to be a franchise. The format is evolving or undefined? So what? We live in an age where the format doesn't have to conform to old standards.

Somebody complained about it being a series of low-budget movies. Well, of course. The campaign raised a huge amount of money in relation to their original goal, but it's still only a fraction of the budget of a TV show, let alone a movie. I knew that and I'm fine with it. This is an independent production, not Hollywood. I've been saying since forever that we have the capability of making fine SF or Sci Fi or Space Opera with home-grade equipment (Chris Mihm has been proving that for years and Dennis is working on proving it with Polaris). I neither expected nor want this to be George Lucas or JJ Abrams.

At this point, I will remain optimistic until I hear something that I dislike from a creative standpoint.
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