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Re: TP: Brinkmanship by Una McCormack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Just finished it, and voted above average. I hate that score, since it makes it sound like I only found it slightly above average.
I found it a great read, highly appreciating (as stated above) the Crusher POV. She is not my favorite character by far, but it was a change of pace which I really appreciated.
Ezri finally came across as a competant ships captain, with the same problems every captain needs to deal with and wondering sometimes on wether or not she might be doing the right thing. Untill now, Ezri in the novels always came across as someone who knew she was right, and found it odd others disagreed. Such a relieve to read this Ezri Dax.

The plot itself was very gripping for me, and I'm very glad everything tied together nicely at the end. I truly hope we will see more Venettan in TrekLit, since even though I had some issues picturing them, I do find they are one of the more interesting species/alliances we have encountered sofar.

Una, thank you for a wonderfull novel, I truly hope we will be seeing more from you in 2013.
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