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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

If this is true about Janeway, then even in the advanced 24th century, nothing has changed.

Janeway had the hots for this guy--even the subject matter wasn't enough to put her off.

Diana Troi boinked (I mean really boinked ) another human who used his Betazed powers to manipulate others in negotiations. When she found out the truth, and she rejected him, but at first--it was all looks and power.

Janeway saw the worse, in the beginning before she saw the potential, so I would say his looks and charm made it easier for her to believe.

Janeway is human, but wer'e not used too seeing--particualry a woman captain--act like a female with desire and needs.

So the idea of Janeway falling for this guy, and maybe because a lot of this was looks and charm, a little shocking.

Would she had fallen for him if he looked like a Pakled?

I don't think someone with Janeway's wits would have fallen for it.
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