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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Catching up on some of the subsequent ideas, concepts and art in this thread...

According to "Whom Gods Destroy", IIRC, Kirk was a cadet at the Axanar Peace Mission. That mission and the Battle of Axanar were somehow joined by the way Kirk and Garth were talking. One must've followed the other closely, and I always assumed that the battle came first, the peace mission naturally followed a short time later, maybe a year later at the most. That's what I got out of "Whom Gods Destroy", anyway.

Kirk was a cadet at the peace mission, as stated in "Whom..." so placing the battle and peace mission twenty-plus years before TOS would mean Kirk enrolled in Starfleet Academy over twenty years before TOS; I suppose that's possible, although the frames of reference on Kirk's life seem a bit contradictory on that point. Over the years, I've had a hard time accepting that Kirk was only 34 years old in "The Deadly Years". That having been said, if Kirk was a lieutenant aboard the ill-fated U.S.S. Farragut 11 years before "Obsession", how long would his career have to be between the time he was a lieutenant at the Tycho IV incident and the time he was a cadet at the Axanar Peace Mission?

Depending on how you look at it, Kirk's career between Axanar and the time he assumed command of the Enterprise was either over twenty years or his ladder-climbing was spectacularly fast. So as a cadet, he was either in his twenties or he was a little kid. It also doesn't help matters that when Kirk blew the whistle on Finney aboard the U.S.S. Republic, supposedly in 2254, he was an ensign.

I'm not trying to derail the idea of an Axanar story. Just trying to weave through the weird contradictions we've been handed.

The idea of divergent canon is an interesting one, but I have a hard time seeing how the starships shown in the 2009 movie somehow evolved into "prime" TOS. The 2009 stuff all looks so TMPish. So the Axanar fan film makers have a real challenge there.

I suppose there is a way around all of this... if you take the shapes of modules and hull textures of the JJverse starships and blended these into TOS and TOS-derived designs, like maybe Matt Jefferies' early sketch of the recognizable Enterprise design, you might be onto something. I'd be conservative with the designs, though. Roddenberry smacked down Franz Joseph designs with his rule-making, so it's probably best to derive from existing designs.

How about a pre-"Cage" Miranda (Reliant), without the cheesy torpedo "roll bar"? Forbin came up with a great concept with his Minmus, which looks like a great Miranda ancestor. Here's another idea to explore: what if the Bonaventure mentioned in TAS "Time Trap" was actually a design ancestor of the Grissom/Oberth? What if the "real" Oberth was originally a stablemate prototype with the Bonaventure? If you extend the Bonaventure's saucer back so that the nacelle pylons go through the back end of the saucer, and you eliminate the Connie-style neck, it looks like it could be a "missing link". So there's another idea.
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