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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

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how hot would the Devore inspector have had to have been for Janeway to hand over her telepathic crew just so that he might kiss her a little.
I think that question should read "how desperate would Janeway have had to have been.."

And of course she wouldn't have been because that would make her a sex starved narcissistic vampire. When she did want it to be all about her and all about the sex she took it to the holodeck and the only thing she handed over was her dignity.
Love is about sacrifice.

Lust is about possession.

Lying is about survival.
And Starfleet is about.. uhh.. well something noble that Janeway believes in like other people believe in God.

She did not love Kashyk and she was not willing to sacrifice anything.

She used her own lust for Kashyk to make sure she took a bit of possession of him as a means to save her crew.

And she lied her ass off for survival.

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