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Re: Stanley Kubrick marathon

The Killing is an atypical heist film set at a horse racetrack involving a group of men, almost akin to Ocean's 11, to pull it off. It stars Sterling Hayden who would later portray Gen. Jack D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove and is really the only interesting person in the whole film. The overall plot is fairly predictable but what really drags this film down for me is the inane bickering between one of the heist men, George, and his wife Sherry. Additionally I found the narration (which sounded like a sports announcer) in the film to be annoying and unnecessary. I couldn't help but wonder if this film is was one of the earliest examples of non-linear plotting and the inclusion of the narration was intended to guide the viewers through because it would be something they weren't accustomed to.

Ultimately, the highlight of this film occurs at the very end of the film when Hayden's character and his lover attempt to flee at the airport and the suitcase full of cash bursts open after the luggage cart driver swerves to avoid a dog frighten by an airplane's rotors. The cash, a total of $2 million in small bills, quickly and immediately disappears into the night.

Next up: Paths of Glory. Hopefully, with this film I will get more responses from people.
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