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Too be fair, the Bajoran religion seems like a combination of Eastern and Abrahamic religions.

Sure they have demons like most of the Abrahamic religions did, but the Bajoran religion is polytheistic, rather monotheistic. Also even Eastern religions have concepts of demons: in Shintoism you have Tengus and Oni demons, in Norse mythology you had ice giants and trolls and other mythological evil creatures.

Also the Bajoran religion seemed to have a caste system at one point, similar to the Hindu caste system. So the Bajoran religion is not just based off Abrahamic religions.
But even down to the Evil = Red Colors, thing? And the fire.

Evil has to be represented by something, but the red and fire equals evil is presented as an actual attribute of the Pah Wraiths, as opposed to a religious concept given to them by the Bajorans.

One of my favorite scenes is when Sisko is begging the Prophets to 'act like gods' and do something to save Bajor if not the entire Alpha Quadrant.

Back then they were mysterious aliens barely interested in corporeal matters. But then they morphed a bit into the deeply religious analogies, which is not bad, but at the end seemed too obvious.

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