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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

Blah. A rushed and predictable mess. Amy and Rory's exit wasn't a suprise at all. Most people had already guessed them being sent to the past in an unretrievable way when the Angels were first announced as the baddies for Darvill and Gillan's final episode. And Moffat's "Oh, I'm so cleaver ending it where it began" moment with young Amelia fell a little flat since he's already used variations of that plot device about four times already. In fact, this makes it the third series final in a row that Moff has used the time loop plot device in some fashion.

Also, was it really necessary to make Rory a complete tit in the end?

Doctor: Let's go to a pub in the TARDIS.

Rory: Just a mo'. I want to look at a gravestone in the opposite direction of the TARDIS for no particular reason.

[Rory looks at gravestone]

Rory: Amy, come and see. Some dead bloke has got the same name as me. What are the odds of that happening out of a planetary population of about seven billion?

[Rory gormlessly stares at Amy then gets zapped by the Angel]

What a shit final moment for an often shat upon character.
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